Book Review: Swami and Friends By R K Narayan

đŸŒčR.K Narayan isn't unfamiliar to Indians, most of us would have come across his works at least once In school.I first read his work in grade 10, an English reader had a story from "Swami and Friends". I found it absolutely hilarious, I wanted to read more. Hence I ordered this book. Eventually, I was... Continue Reading →

Book Review: John Grisham- The Partner

How often have u thought of quitting everything and running away? .A recent study was conducted by "100 humans- Life questions" by Netflix. They segregated humans age-wise in decades. The age groups from the 30s, 40s and the 50s found it difficult to perform tasks that require communication, calibration, teamwork and analysis. Experts believe that... Continue Reading →

Let that knowledge tree grow.

Let that knowledge 🌳 grow. "As you sow so you shall reap", something we have been told since childhood. Let's try to implement it in life. . .đŸŒ± let's think life as an Investment, not just monetarily but as a holistic approach. . .đŸŒ± Learning is easiest in this century while knowledge is at the... Continue Reading →

Review: The Forbidden Quest of Mysore.

"Truth is perspective my son, this is my story" Author Punneth JH brilliantly describes the protagonist Amar Bhardhwaj, a 24 year old self claimed archeologist. His father already a visionary in the field has gone missing. All Amar knows is his last quest was finding a missing weapon. Amar juggles to survive in this predicament... Continue Reading →

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